Glossary F

Fan effect refers to the phenomenon whereby retrieval time to retrieve a particular fact about a concept increases as more facts are known about that concept.

Fanfaronade is defined as bragging or blustering manner or behavior ; a fanfare.

Fantasized death is defined as unrealistic portraits of death (in the media)

Fantasy refers to the creative and imaginative interpretation of events that fulfills a psychological or rhetorical need.

Fantod refers to a state of nervous anxiety , irritability , the willies, the fidgets. Fantod is also defined as a fit or emotional outburst.

FAP is the abbreviations of Ffixed action pattern, a stereotyped pattern of behavior that is evoked by a "releasing stimulus"; an instinct . Also known as Modal action pattern

Far point refers to the distance at which the spot of light becomes focused on the retina.

Farsightedness. Please see Hyperopia .