Glossary F

FAP is the abbreviations of Ffixed action pattern, a stereotyped pattern of behavior that is evoked by a "releasing stimulus"; an instinct . Also known as Modal action pattern

Far point refers to the distance at which the spot of light becomes focused on the retina.

Farsightedness. Please see Hyperopia .

Fascia refers to fibrous membrane covering, supporting, connecting, and separating muscles.

FASD is the abbreviations of Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that refers to an umbrella term used to describe the range of effects that can occur to an individual whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy. These effects may involve brain damage, impaired growth and head and face abnormalities.
Fast mapping is defined as a process of quickly determining a word's meaning, which facilitates children's vocabulary development ; process of acquiring new words rapidly; ability to learn new words based on very little input. Moreover, Fast mapping, refers to the process children engage in when they hypothesize a meaning for a newly heard word on the basis of hearing the word once or at most a few times. It is teh formation of a rapid, initial, partial understanding of the meaning of a word by relating it to the known vocabulary and restructuring the known-word storage space and its related conceptual categories .

Fast-approaching-deadline technique refers to influence technique based on scarcity, in which one tells people an item or a price is only available for a limited time

Fast-twitch fibers is defined as the muscle fibers that produce fast contractions but fatigue rapidly. It is one of several types of muscle fibers found in skeletal muscle. Fast-twitch fibers is also called Type II fibers which is characterized as having low oxidative capacity but high glycolytic capacity.

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