Glossary F

Deutsch: Falsche Positivität / Español: Positividad falsa / Português: Positividade falsa / Français: Fausse positivité / Italiano: Positività falsa

False positivity, also known as toxic positivity, in the psychology context refers to the excessive and ineffective emphasis on positive emotions and outlooks in situations where negative emotions are natural or realistic. It involves dismissing or invalidating genuine emotional experiences, encouraging individuals to maintain a positive facade even when it contradicts their true feelings.

False pretenses, obtaining property by it means leading a victim to part with property on a voluntary basis through trickery, deceit, or misrepresentation.
False recognition errors is when a subject believes that an item was presented during a study although it was not.

False self it is when good-enough mothering is not available in infancy, children may act as they believe they are expected to. Basically, they adopt their mother’s self rather than develop their own. False self is used in contrast with the True self.

Deutsch: Falsches Selbstverhalten / Español: Comportamiento Falso del Yo / Português: Comportamento Falso do Eu / Français: Comportement Faux du Soi / Italiano: Comportamento Falso del Sé /

False self-behavior is acting in ways that do not reflect one’s true self or the "true me."

False uniqueness bias refers to the mistaken tendency to think of oneself as being better than most other people.

Deutsch: Falsche Einzigartigkeitseffekt / Español: Efecto de singularidad falsa / Português: Efeito de singularidade falsa / Français: Effet de fausse unicité / Italiano: Effetto di falsa unicità /

False uniqueness effect refers to
the tendency to underestimate the commonality of one's abilities and one's desirable or successful behaviors.

- False uniqueness effect (Better-than-average effect, Lake Wobegon effect) : False uniqueness effect (Better-than-average effect, Lake Wobegon effect) refers to the tendency to underestimate the number of other people who share one’s most prized characteristics and abilities