Glossary F

Familism refers to the idea that the family "s well-being takes precedence over the concerns of individual family members.

Familly Studies is a type of genetic studies in which researchers examine trait similarities among members of a family to figure out whether that trait might be inherited.

Family is defined as two (2) or more persons, related by birth, marriage, adoption, or choice, who have emotional ties and responsibilities to each other; any two (2) or more related people living in one household.

Family constellation is defined as the number and birth order , as well as the personality characteristics of members of a family. Family constellation is important in determining lifestyle . Family constellation, likewise refers to the many variables that describe a family group , including the presence or absence of mother and father; the number, spacing, and sex of siblings; and the presence or absence of extended family members in the household.

Family dynamics refers to the pattern of interactions among the members of a family.

Family History refers to the information obtained from the parents of a specific client (child/patient) regarding potentially significant historical milestones and events that might have a bearing on the child’s current difficulties.

- Family history study : Family history study is the study of the Heritability of a disorder involving identifying people with the disorder and people without the disorder and then determining the disorder's

Family household is defined as two (2) or more individuals living together who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption.

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