Glossary F

- Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) : Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Please see Buckley Amendment.
Family sculpting is defined as a technique in which family members are physically molded or directed to take characteristic poses to represent a view of family relationships.

Family social system refers to the complex network of relationships, interactions , and patterns of influence that characterize a family with three (3) or more members.
Family structure is defined as the rules that have been developed in the course of family life to determine which members interact with which other members and in what way.

- Family study : family study refers to genetic study that examines patterns of traits and behaviors among relatives.

Family systems theories refer to theories that see the family as a complex system that works to maintain the status quo

- Family Systems Theory : Family Systems Theory refers to the Theory that the Behavior of a person can be most accurately understood in the context of the dynamics of his/her family.

Family systems therapy refers to psychotherapy that focuses on the family, rather than the individual, as the source of problems; Family therapists challenge communication styles, disrupt pathological family dynamics, and challenge defensive conceptions in order to harmonize relationships among all members and within each member. It is a type of Family therapy in which the entire family is seen as a unit or as a system . Focus is usually on the interaction of family members.

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