Glossary G

Gender identity refers to a subjective, but continuous and persistent, sense of ourselves as masculine or feminine.

- Gender Identity Disorder : Gender Identity Disorder refers to psychological dissatisfaction with biological gender, or a disturbance in the sense of Identity as a male or female. The primary goal is not sexual

- Gender identity disorder (GID) : Gender identity disorder (GID) is defined as the condition in which a person believes that he or she was born with the wrong sex's genitals and is fundamentally a person of the opposite sex

Gender intensification refers to a magnification of sex differences early in adolescence ; associated with increased pressure to conform to traditional gender roles.
Gender label means the word boy or girl. It is the first component of Gender identity, in which children learn to refer to themselves as a boy or girl and to identify other children by applying the word correctly.
Gender labeling refers to young children’s understanding that they are either boys or girls and naming themselves accordingly

Gender Nonconformity refer to individuals expressing behavior and attitudes consistently characteristic of the opposite sex.

- Gender or sex role behaviour : Gender or sex role behaviour refers to what people's behaviours are actually like.