Glossary G

Gender script brefers to a particular type of Gender schema that is a temporally organized event sequence related to gender.

Gender segregation is defined as children’s tendency to associate with same-sex playmates and to think of the other sex as an out-group
Gender stability refers to the stage of gender identity in which the child recognizes that gender is stable over time; an understanding in pre-school children that boys become men and girls become women Gender stability is also defined as the concept that one's sex is a permanent feature.

Gender stereotypes is defined as beliefs and images about males and females that are not necessarily true; widely shared beliefs about males' and females' abilities, personality traits , and social behavior .

Gender systems refer to linguistic systems in which nouns belong to one of two (2) or more categories that take different forms of articles and grammatical morphemes.
Gender traits is defined as iInnate or biologically determined gender-specific behaviors .

Gender typing is defined as the process by which a child becomes aware of his or her gender and acquires motives, values , and behaviors considered appropriate for members of that sex

Gender-identity disorder is defined as a disorder in which a child has a strong and persistent identification with the other sex or the gender role of the other sex and is uncomfortable with his or her own biological sex or gender role .