Glossary G

Ganglioside is defined as molecule composed of carbohydrates and fats.

Gangs is defined as group of people who form an alliance for a common purpose and engage in unlawful or criminal activity. They are loosely organized groups of (often) adolescents that hang out, identify as a group, and usually partake in delinquent or criminal activities

Ganser syndrome refers to a Factitious disorder that was first observed in prisoners. People with Ganser syndrome have short-term episodes of bizarre behavior similar to that shown by people with serious mental illnesses.

Garbology refers to the study of a society or culture by examining what it discards.

Garden path sentences is defined as sentences in which the comprehender assumes a particular meaning of a word or phrase but discovers later that the assumption was incorrect, forcing the comprehender to backtrack and reinterpret the sentence.
Gargantua refers to a person of great size or stature and of voracious physical or intellectual appetites.

- GAS (General adaptation syndrome) : General adaptation syndrome (GAS) is defined as Seyle's model of the body's reaction to stressful situations, it include the following: a. Alarm - the body prepares for action ; increased arousal b. Resistance - Attempts made to cope with stressor c. Exhaustion - Body can no longer resist, physiological breakdown begins