Glossary G

Gatekeeper is defined as a person who screens potential communication for someone else and allows only the most important information to pass through.

Gay is defined as a male who is interested romantically and sexually in other males. Gay is also used more broadly to refer to both lesbians and gay males.

Gay bar refers to a club or bar that caters primarily to same-sex couples; a cocktail lounge catering to lesbians or gays.

Gay bashing refers to attack against homosexuals which is either verbal or physical.

Gay baths refer to clubs where gay men can socialize which features include a swimming pool or whirlpool and access to casual sex.

Gemeinschaft means communal, cooperative, close, intimate interpersonal informal relationships. Gemeinschaft is a German word which means community , collective, fraternity.

Gemutlich means warm and congenial; pleasant or friendly. Gemutlich is a German word.