Glossary G

- Gender role or sex role : Gender role or sex role refers to the behaviours, attitudes values, beliefs and so on that a particular cultural group considers appropriate for males and females on the basis of their biological sex.

Gender role socialization is defined as the process of learning gender behaviors considered appropriate for one's sex in a given culture .

Gender role standards refer to attributes held by the culture for males and females. These attributes can include both precepts and sanctions.

Gender role stereotypes is defined as oversimplified and widely held beliefs about the basic characteristics of men and women.

Gender role/identity refers to a person's understanding and acceptance of gender roles.

Gender schema refers to a set of mental associations in which individuals are seen from the point of view of their gender, as opposed to other characteristics. It is a cognitive structure used to process information in terms of gender-relatedness; a mentalistic structure consisting of a set of expectations and associations that guide processing with respect to gender. Likewise, Gender schemas refer to cognitive structures that guide the processing of gender-relevant information. Gender schemas are cognitive mechanism that helps us to understand gender.

Gender scheme is defined as a personal theory about cultural expectations and stereotypes related to gender.

Gender script brefers to a particular type of Gender schema that is a temporally organized event sequence related to gender.