Glossary G

Gender or sex role behaviour refers to what people's behaviors are actually like. We feel it is an inadequate description since it does not, on the face of it, account for physical characteristics such as, for instance, broad shoulders on a woman.

- Gender or sex role stereotype : Gender or sex role stereotype refers to the socially determined model which contains the cultural beliefs about what the gender roles should be.

Gender polarization refer to the belief that males and females are fundamentally different, with mutually exclusive scripts

Gender preference is defined as the development of a personal preference for the kinds of activities and attitudes associated with the masculine or feminine gender role.

Gender presentation refers to the presentation of one's self either through personality or bodily habitus is what is perceived by others, and may be labelled pejoratively.

Gender reassignment is another name for Sex reassignment Surgery that refers to a surgical procedures to alter a person"s physical anatomy to conform to that person"s psychological g

Gender role refers to the role a person is expected to perform as a result of being male or female in a particular culture ; as distinguished from the term "sex role" which is more ambiguous.

Gender role convergence refers to a transformation in which men and women become more androgynous and more similar in gender orientation during later life.