Glossary M

Management by objectives refers to a management technique in which employees are given specific goals to meet in their work.

Management teams is a term used in industrial and organizational psychology that refer to teams that coordinate, manage, advice, and direct employees and teams.

Management techniques refer to techniques used to enforce child discipline such as combining praise, recognition, approval, rules, and reasoning.

Management-by-objectives mean each management team identifies its key tasks and goals and use these as a yardstick against which performance is measured.

Managerial Grid refers to a measure of leadership that classifies a leader into one of five leadership styles.

Managerial resourcefulness refers to the managerial characteristics that includes flexibility , creativity in problem solving in the workplace, particularly when facing new problems and changing conditions .

Mandala refers to a circular design representing balance, unity, and completion. Mandala is a symbolic representation of the unified wholeness of the Self. Usually, it has four (4) sections representing an effort to achieve wholeness in the four (4) sections, such as the four directions of the winds.

Mandated reporting refers to the legal requirement that professionals notify appropriate authorities about cases in which children and certain other groups of vulnerable individuals are being abused.

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