Glossary M

Major tranquilizers refer to drugs that have tranquilizing effects, and tend to reduce hallucinations and delusional thinking. Major tranquilizers are also called Antipsychotics or or Antipsychotic drugs.

Majority influence refers to a social pressure exerted by the larger portion of a Group on individual members and smaller factions within the group.

Making real the implications of death is helping the bereaved to grasp the importance of the death; often implemented through formal activities of separation from the deceased. Making real the implications of death is sometimes described as seeking "realization " or achieving "separation" from the deceased. This task which is usually addressed by funeral and memorial rituals is not so easy to someone who is not personally involved in the process. Disentangling realistic and unrealistic or symbolic and literal elements in bereavement shortly after a death is really difficult for many persons.

Mala prohibita refer to acts which are wrong only because society says they are.

Malacia is defined as an abnormal craving for spiced food. Malacis also means softening of the organ or tissue.

Maladaptive behavior refers to a kind of behavior that makes it difficult for an individual to adapt to the environment and meet the demands of day-to-day life. Maladaptive in reference to behaviors, causing people who have the behaviors physical or emotional harm, preventing them from functioning in daily life, and/or indicating that they have lost touch with reality and/or cannot control their thoughts and behavior also called Dysfunctional)
Maldevelopment is a condition that occurs when the ego consists solely of a single way of coping with conflict.

In the context of psychology, the term "male" refers to a person who is biologically male, meaning that they have male reproductive organs and typically produce smaller amounts of estrogen and larger amounts of testosterone. The term "male" is often used to contrast with "female," which refers to a person who is biologically female, meaning that they have female reproductive organs and typically produce smaller amounts of testosterone and larger amounts of estrogen.

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