Glossary M

Malingerer refers to one who feigns illness or other incapacity in order to avoid duty or work.

Malingering refers to a deliberate faking of a symptom or physical or psychological disorder for the purpose of avoiding an unwanted situation, such as military service and which is motivated by gain; intentional exaggeration or presentation of neuropsychological symptoms and fabrication of physical or psychological symptoms for some ulterior motive. the conscious and intentional maintaining of the sick role for some material or financial gain; symptoms are intentionally produced by the individual to avoid some task, for advantage in legal actions , or to obtain disability status.

Malleus refers to the first of the ossicles of the middle ear. Receives vibrations from the tympanic membrane and transmits these vibrations to the incus.
Malnourished being small for one’s age because of inadequate nutrition.
Malpractice insurance refers to a critical ethical and legal issues which suggests that all clinicians need to purchase insurance to protect them from potential lawsuits.

Maltreatment refers to intentional harm to or endangerment an individual, particularly a child.

Mammary glands refer to glands that secrete milk.

Mammillary bodies refers to two (2) small nuclei on the floor of the posterior hypothalamus .

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