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Moses Maimonides (1135 - 1204) was the Jewish physician, theologian and philosopher who attempted to reconcile Aristotelian philosophy and Judaism.

Main effect is defined as a statistical effect that occurs when a single independent variable affects a dependent variable ; the condition in which the effect of one independent variable is the same at all levels of another independent variable In a factorial design , main effect is the relationship between the levels of one independent variable and a dependent variable averaged across the levels of other independent variables.

Mainstreaming refers to a governmental policy to integrate fully into society those people with cognitive and physical disabilities as in placing disabled children in classrooms with non-disabled children.

Maintaining stimuli is a term which according to Guthrie refers to the internal or external stimuli that keep an organism active until a goal is reached.

Maintenance in the assessment, Diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behaviors refers to the efforts to increase Adherence to treatment over time in Order to prevent a relapse or recurrence of a problem.

Maintenance rehearsal means silently repeating or mentally reviewing information to hold it in short-term memory .

Maintenance stage is the stage in the Transtheoretical Model where people try to not fall back into performing their unhealthy behaviors or relapsing. They may still be changing their behaviors and performing new behaviors, but they are not doing them as usually as someone in the action stage.

- Maintenance treatment : maintenance treatment refers to combination of continued Psychosocial treatment, medication, or both designed to prevent relapse following therapy.

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