Glossary M

Macrotheory is the theory aimed at understanding the "big picture" of institutions, whole societies, and the interactions among societies. Karl Marx's examination of the class struggle is an example of Macrotheory. By contrast, please see Microtheory.
Macular degeneration refers to a clinical condition that causes degeneration of the Macula, an area of the retina that includes the fovea and a small surrounding area.
Mad cry is the more intense version of a basic cry

Madam refers to a slang term referring to a woman who manages a brothel, in-call, out-call, or escort service.

Mafia refers to the entirety of those Sicilian families which, in both the United States and Sicily, are loosely associated with one another in operating organized crime.

Magazine is defined as an unscientific collection of articles about a wide range of topics.

Magic is defined as the various ceremonies and rituals that are designed to influence spirits.

Magical thinking refers to a peculiarity of thinking in which an individual makes a connection between two objects or events that other people would see as unrelated.