Glossary M

Magnification is defined as a cognitive distortion in which an imperfection is exaggerated into something greater than it is.

Magnitude refers to a property of measurement scales having to do with the fact that scale values can be ordered on the basis of magnitude: if A > B and B > C, then A > C.

Magnitude estimation refers to a psychophysical method in which the subject assigns numbers to a stimulus that are proportional to the subjective magnitude of the stimulus. Observers assign numbers to the attributes of stimuli usually without restriction except that the numbers be assigned proportional to the judged magnitude (a ratio scale)

Magnitude gap is the difference in outcome between the perpetrator and the victim - the victim loses more than the perpetrator gains

Magnocellular neuron is defined as a large-celled neuron of the visual system that is sensitive to changing or moving stimuli in a relatively large visual field

Magnocellular visual system refers to one of the two (2) visual systems that extends from the eyes to the visual cortex. Magnocellular visual system is consisting of large cells that are inferiorly located in the lateral geniculate bodies that are highly sensitive to movement, low contrast, and spatial location.

Mail Drop is defined as a method used to leave information for other investigators

Mail survey refers to a survey administered by sending it through the mail.

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