Glossary O

Oligodendrocytes is a type of non-neural cell the projections of the surface membrane of each such cell fan out and coil around the axon of neurons in the central nervous system to form the myelin sheath.

Oligodendroglioma refers to a rare, slowly growing tumor that mostly affects young adults and is derived from and composed of Oligodendrogliocytes.
Olympian religion refers to the religion based on a belief in the Olympian gods as they were described in the Homeric poems. Olympian religion tended to be favored by the privileged classes, whereas peasants, laborers, and slaves tended to favor the more mystical Dionysiac-Orphic religion. Please see also Dionysiac-Orphic religion.

Ombudsperson is a person who investigates employees’ complaints and solves problems.

OMD is the abbreviations of Organic mental disorder that refers to a mental or emotional problem caused by brain diseases or injuries. (see Organic mental disorder)
Omega strategies are attempts to persuade others by decreasing avoidance forces
Omerta refers to the informal, unwritten code of organized Crime which demands silence and loyalty, among other things, of family

Omission is a response to communication overload that involves the conscious decision not to process certain types of information.

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