Glossary O

Onychophagia is defined as the practice of biting one's nails. Onychophagia is from the Greek words onycho, onyx which refers to nail and "phagia" which means eating
Oophorectomy is defined as the surgical removal of the ovaries.

Open coding refers to the initial classification and labeling of concepts in qualitative data analysis. In Open coding, the codes are suggested by the researchers' examination and questioning of the data.

Open desk arrangement refers to an office which is arranged so that a visitor can sit adjacent to rather than across from the person behind the desk.

Open group is a group whose boundaries are so permeable that membership varies considerably as members enter and leave the group.
Open kinetic chain is when the distal end of an extremity is not fixed to any surface, allowing any one joint in the extremity to move or function separately without necessitating movement of other joints in the extremity.
Open question refers to a type of information gathering technique in which a question is used to allow the client to respond in a myriad of ways.
Open system is a structure that maintains its organization even though its parts constantly change.

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