Glossary O

- Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONCDP) : Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONCDP) refers to an agency which monitors and studies the use of drugs in the United States

Official assessments are assessments, such as grading, grouping, placing, and promoting pupils, that teachers are required to carry out because of their official responsibilities.
Official Written Reports are narrative reports prepared by investigators using a typewriter or word processor
Officious may mean marked by excessive eagerness in offering unwanted services or advice to others. It may also mean informal; unofficial and archaic. Eager to render services or help others.

Offline group refers to a group whose members interact with one another in face-to-face, collocated settings.
OI is the abbreviations of Osteogenesis Imperfecta that referring to range of diseases caused by an abnormality in the collagen protein that the body requires for bones as well as other structures, such as teeth, ligaments and skin. The condition often leads to an increased likelihood of fractures, as well as fragile teeth, lax joints, bruising and blue or grey sclera (whites of eyes). Some people with brittle bone diseases develop deafness and some have short stature.

An Old sergeant syndrome consits of symptoms of psychological disturbance, including depression, anxiety and guilt, exhibited by noncommissioned officers in cohesive units that suffer heavy casualties. Strongly loyal to their

Old-old refer to those who have suffered major physical or mental decrements among the very old,.

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