Glossary O

Onlooker play is when children linger around other children, watching them play, but making no attempts to join in the play.

Onset is a term in medicine which refers to the first appearance of the signs or symptoms of an illness

Onset time refers to the time at which a specific tone starts. When two (2) tones start at different times, this provides information that they are coming from different sources.

Ontogenetic adaptations are behaviors that play a specific role in survival for an individual at one time only and then disappear when they are no longer needed.
Ontogenetic development is defined as the development of the individual over his/her lifetime.
Ontogenetic explanation refers to understanding in terms of how a structure or a behavior develops

Ontological argument for the existence of God refers to St. Anselm's contention that if we can think of something, it must be real. Because we can think of a perfect being (God), that perfect being must exist.

Ontology is defined as the study of the nature of existence.

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