Glossary P

Pure word deafness refers to an Aphasia in which a person is unable to comprehend language in the auditory modality. Comprehension of visual language and production in both modalities are normal.

Purge means to eliminate food through unnatural methods , such as vomiting or the excessive use of laxatives.

Purging refers to a type of bulimia nervosa in which bingeing is followed by the use of self -induced vomiting or purging medications to control weight gain. Moreover, Purging is a behavior aimed at ridding the body of consumed food, including self-induced vomiting and the misuse of laxatives, diuretics, or enemas. (see Compensatory behavior)

purging technique is a term in the eating disorder bulimia nervosa which refers to the self -induced vomiting or laxative abuse used to compensate for excessive food ingestion.

Purging type refers to a form of bulimia nervosa in which individuals force out of their bodies what they have just eaten.

Purification in psychology refers to a psychological process wherein individuals seek to cleanse or rid themselves of perceived impurities, guilt, or negative emotions. It often involves rituals, behaviors, or thought patterns aimed at achieving a sense of purity or moral cleanliness. This phenomenon sheds light on the intricate interplay between cognition, emotion, and behavior in individuals striving for inner harmony and moral rectitude.

Puritans refers to members of a 16th- and 17th-century Protestant group from England that wanted to purge the church of elaborate ceremonies and simplify worship. Puritans has come to mean any person or group that is excessively strict in regard to sexual matters.

In psychology, purity can refer to a variety of concepts related to moral and ethical behavior, social identity, and mental health.

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