Glossary P

Deutsch: Paralleler Prozess / Español: Proceso paralelo / Português: Processo paralelo / Français: Processus parallèle / Italiano: Processo parallelo

Parallel Process in the context of psychology refers to a phenomenon observed primarily within psychotherapy and counseling, but it can also be seen in other relational dynamics such as supervision, mentoring, and organizational behavior. It describes a situation where patterns of behavior, communication, or emotional responses are mirrored or replicated in a separate but related context. In therapeutic settings, this often manifests when dynamics from the client-therapist relationship are unconsciously repeated or enacted in the relationship between the therapist and their supervisor or consultant.

Parallel processing is when two (2) or more processes take place at the same time. It occurs when multiple operations are executed all at once
Parallel search refers to a search for information in which several stores or slots of information are simultaneously examined to match to the target.

Parallel teams which is also called Cross-functional teams, consist of representatives from various departments (functions) within an organization.

Parallel transmission refers to the notion that different phonemes of the same syllable are encoded into the speech signal simultaneously.

Deutsch: Parameter / Español: Parámetro / Português: Parâmetro / Français: Paramètre / Italian: Parametro

Parameter in the context of psychology refers to a measurable factor that can influence or determine the outcome of a psychological experiment, study, or assessment. These factors are essential in designing research, interpreting data, and understanding human behavior and mental processes.

Parametric test is a test of statistical inference in which assumptions are made about the underlying population distributions, usually that they are normally distributed. Parametric test is likewise, a hypothesis test that uses sample means or sample correlations to evaluate a hypothesis about the corresponding population. Parametric tests rely on sample data consisting of numerical scores.

Paramnesia is dfined as a distortion of memory in which fact and fantasy are confused. Likewise, Paramnesia is defined as the inability to recall the correct meaning of a word.