Glossary P

Panic room refers to a "safe room" that people can hole up in the event of an emergency which range from simple room to high tech room that protects the occupants againts calamities,

Panopticon is a term used to refer to a prison designed by Jeremy Bentham which was to be a circular building with cells along the circumference, each clearly visible from a central location

Panpsychism refers to the belief that everything in the universe experiences consciousness.

Pantheism refers to the belief that God is present everywhere and in everything.

Paper tiger refers to one who is outwardly strong and powerful but is in fact powerless and ineffectual.

Paper Trail refers to "a series of documents by which the police can 'follow' a person".

In the context of psychology, "papilla" refers to small bumps or projections on the surface of the tongue that contain taste buds. These taste buds are responsible for detecting and processing different flavors or tastes.

- Papilla (plural: Papillae) : Papilla refers to the structure on the surface of the tongue which contains taste buds. Papillae which is the plural form of Papilla are bumps on which lie from one to several hundred taste buds consisting of between 50 to 150 taste receptor cells; rRidges and valleys on the tongue, some of which contain taste buds. There are four (4) types of Papillae: filiform, fungiform, foliate, and circumvallate.

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