Glossary P

Parens patriae refers to the state's authority to protect those who are unable to protect themselves.

Parent effects model refers to model of family influence in which parents, particularly mothers are believed to influence their children rather than vice versa

Parent management training refers to a set of therapeutic procedures that teaches parents how to modify a child's or adolescent's Behavior at home using Behavioral Techniques such as

parent management training (PMT) refers to a program aimed at teaching parents to cope effectively with their child’s difficult behavior and their own reactions to it.

Parental consent is abortion legislation that requires the consent of the parents of a minor prior to an abortion procedure.
Parental investment hypothesis refers to the idea that having children is more costly for women than for men, which has led to the Evolution of some differences between the sexes in t

Parental investment theory refers to the idea that a species' mating patterns depend on what each sex has to invest in the way of time, energy, and survival risk to produce and nurtur

Parental notification refers to abortion legislation that requires the notification of the parents of a minor prior to an a

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