Glossary P

Parental styles refer to identifiable patterns of parental caretaking and interaction with children.

Parenting is defined as the implementation of a series of decisions about the socialization of children.
Parenting alliance refers to the capacity of a spouse to acknowledge, respect, and value the parenting roles and tasks of the partner.

Paresthesia is defined as spontaneous crawling, burning, or "pins and needles sensation."

Pariah refers to an outcast. Pariah is from Tamil Paraiyar, plural of paraiyan, drummer people considered lower in rank in the former caste-system of India.

Parietal Cortex is the part of the brain that determines where objects are in space, and consequently how one needs to react to them

Parietal Lobe is the division of the cerebral cortex located at the top rear part of the head that contains the primary somatosensory cortex; a section of the cerebral cortex between the occipital lobe and the central sulcus. Parietal Lobe is one of the four (4) cortical lobes, concerned with the integration of information from sensory areas; assists in sensory processes, spatial interpretation, attention , and language comprehension

Parietal reach region (PRR) refers to a network of areas in the parietal cortex that contains neurons that are involved in reaching behavior.

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