Glossary A

Autoimmunity refers to a Condition in which the body produces an immune response against its own tissue constituents.

Likewise, Autoimmunity is the process by which the immune sy

Autoinoculate means to cause a secondary infection in the body from an already existing infection.

Autokinetic effect refers to the apparent movement of a stationary pinpoint of light displayed in a darkened room; illusion, caused by very slight movements of the eye, that a station

Autokinetic phenomenon means self (auto) motion (kinetic). The autokinetic phenomenon involves the perception of isolated stimuli, and so interpretations in terms of some internal eye movement signals remain sustainable.

Autologous transfusion refers to a blood transfusion where the individual receives his or her own blood.

Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems refers to a computer based fingerprint identification system.

Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems is also known as AFIS

Automated Information System refers to an automated information System capable of storing and retrieving information in any

Automatic affect refers to a quick response of liking or disliking toward something.