Glossary B

bulimia nervosa refers to an eating disorder that involves recurrent episodes of binge eating, followed by an effort to compensate by self -induced vomiting or other means of purging . Individuals with bulimia are also unduly influenced by body shape and weight, and are obsessed with food.

Bulk flow refers to mass movement of molecules from an area of high pressure to an area of lower pressure.
Bulletin board refers to a method of downward communication in which informal or relatively unimportant written information is posted in a public place.

- Bulletin board system : Bulletin board system or BBS is a a computer accessible by telephone used like a bulletin board to leave messages and files

Bully/victims refers to a small subset of children who are usually bullied and who, in turn, usually bully their more positive peers

Bullying refers to repetitively teasing, ridiculing, provoking, or tormenting others through various types of irritating, harassing, or aggressive actions , such as name-calling, threats, insults, and physical injury.

Bunbury is defined as an imaginary person whose name is used as an excuse to some purpose, especially to visit a place. It means "to use the name of a fictitious person as an excuse" which is derived from Oscar Wilde's play "The Importance of Being Earnest" where the character Algernon invents an imaginary person named Bunbury as an alibi to escape from relatives. He explains to his friend, "I have invented an invaluable permanent invalid called Bunbury, in order that I may be able to go down into the country whenever I choose. Bunbury is perfectly invaluable.

Bundling refers to an American practice of placing a wooden board or hanging sheets in the middle of the bed, or wrapping the body in tight clothes, to allow an unmarried couple to spend the night together without having sex.

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