Glossary B

Babinski reflex refers to the reflexive flexion of the big toe when the sole of the foot is stimulated Moreover, Babinski reflex is a reflex in which infants fan their toes when the undersides of their feet are stroked.

Baby biography refers to a detailed record of an infant’s growth and development over a period of time

Baby blues refers to a temporary and non-pathological state of emotional disturbance characterized by sadness and general dysphoria following childbirth. Baby blues is also known as Postpartum blues.

Baby talk refers to a form of adult-to-child speech characterized by relatively simple utterances, concrete referents, exaggerated intonation patterns, and a high proportion of directive utterances.

Back propagation refers to a type of neural network model in which the system uses information about the appropriateness of its output to adjust the weightings of the connections among intervening units.
Back-alley abortion means "illegal abortion", which was all that was available prior to the legalization of abortion in the 1970s.

Back-propagation systems refer to neural networks that are programmed to learn by systematically reducing the discrepancy between their output and some desired output represented by a model or teacher.

Background is a term used in discourse processing that refers to information that was introduced or discussed earlier and is no longer the focus of discussion.

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