Glossary B

Deutsch: Babybiografie / Español: Biografía del bebé / Português: Biografia do bebê / Français: Biographie du bébé / Italiano: Biografia del bambino /

Baby biography refers to a detailed record of an infant’s growth and development over a period of time

Baby blues refers to a temporary and non-pathological state of emotional disturbance characterized by sadness and general dysphoria following childbirth. Baby blues is also known as Postpartum blues.

Baby talk refers to a form of adult-to-child speech characterized by relatively simple utterances, concrete referents, exaggerated intonation patterns, and a high proportion of directive utterances.

Back propagation refers to a type of neural network model in which the system uses information about the appropriateness of its output to adjust the weightings of the connections among intervening units.
Back-alley abortion means "illegal abortion", which was all that was available prior to the legalization of abortion in the 1970s.

Back-propagation systems refer to neural networks that are programmed to learn by systematically reducing the discrepancy between their output and some desired output represented by a model or teacher.

Background is a term used in discourse processing that refers to information that was introduced or discussed earlier and is no longer the focus of discussion.

Background stressors refer to crowding and noise, together with air pollution and chemical pollution which can be the cause long- term stressors and affect a large number of people.