Glossary B

Barnum effect Individuals' acceptance that vague and generalised descriptions of personality that apply to almost all individuals are an accurate reflection of their own personality

Barnum statements refer to statements, like those used in astrological forecasts, that are so general that they can be true of or to almost anyone.
Barrier refers to obstacle to fulfilling some desire, aspiration or need.

Barriers refer to environmental, communication, organisational or attitudinal practices, structures, policies or beliefs that prevent disabled people from accessing or participating i

BARS is the abbreviations of Behaviorally anchored rating scales, a method of performance Appraisal involving the placement of benchmark behaviors next to each point on a graphic rat

BAS is the abbreviations of Behavioral Activation System that refers to trefers to a subsystem of the brain that activates Behavior in response to cues of reward or nonpunishment.

Basal refers to the level at which a minimum criterion number of correct responses is obtained.

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) refers to the body’s resting temperature used to calculate ovulation in the sympto-thermal method of contraception .