Glossary B

Bandwidth refers to the total number of potential work hours available each day.

Bankruptcy fraud refers to a scam in which an individual falsely attempts to claim bankruptcy and thereby erase financial debts by taking advantage of existing laws.

Bar graph refers to a frequency distribution graph in which a vertical bar indicates the frequency of each score from a nominal or ordinal scale of measurement. It is a means of illustrating the frequency of qualitative data using spaced vertical bars. Qualitative class intervals are plotted on the abscissa, with frequency represented on the ordinate and the frequency of each class represented by the height of the bar over that class interval.

Barbiturate refers to sedative and addictive drug, such as Amytal, Seconal, or Nembutal that is used as a sleep aid.

Bargaining means seeking an agreement through direct negotiation between parties to a conflict. Bargaining is also the stage of death in which patients try to restore their belief in a just world and may promise to be good or live life better in exchange for life.

Bariatric surgery refers to a surgical approach to extreme obesity, usually accomplished by stapling the stomach to create a small stomach pouch or by-passing the stomach through gastric by-pass surgery.

Barnum effect Individuals' acceptance that vague and generalised descriptions of personality that apply to almost all individuals are an accurate reflection of their own personality

Barnum statements refer to statements, like those used in astrological forecasts, that are so general that they can be true of or to almost anyone.