Glossary C

CAH is the abbreviations of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, a genetic anomaly that causes one’s adrenal glands to produce unusually high levels of androgen from the prenatal period onward; often has masculinizing effects on female fetuses.

- CAI (Computer-Assisted Instruction) : CAI the acronym for Computer-Assisted Instruction refers to the use of computers to teach new concepts and practice academic skills
Calcitonin refers to hormone that is released from the thyroid gland and that plays a minor role in calcium metabolism.

calcium channel blockers refer to drugsm that is used to treat mania and depression
Calcium imaging refers to a method of measuring receptor activity by using fluorescence to measure the concentration of calcium inside the receptor. This technique has been used to measure the activation of olfactory receptor neurons.

Caldecott Medal refers to award given yearly for the most distinguished picture book for children.

Calefacient refers to a substance , such as mustard that produces a sensation of warmth when applied to a part of the body.

Calibration curve refers to a plot of accuracy against confidence judgments. The more the curve approaches a 45-degree line, the better the “calibration” or "fit" between the two (2).

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