Glossary C

Calmodulin is part of second messenger System involving calcium that results in changes in the activity of intracellular en

Camillo Golgi refers to the Italian physician who made the discovery in the early 1870s that silver chromate stained dead neurons black. This discovery allowed people to visualize individual neurons for the first time.

Camorra is defined as a secret group united for unscrupulous purposes. It is after the word Camorra which is a secret organization in Naples, Italy, mostly during the 19th century that is engaged in criminal activities,
Canalesthesia refers to the fragmentation of the Processing of incoming information from the Sensory modalities. The anomaly is believed to be one of the causative factors of autistic

Canalization refers to genetic restriction of phenotype to a small number of developmental outcomes; a highly canalized attribute is one for which genes channel development along predetermined pathways, so the environment has little effect on the phenotype that emerges.

Canard is a term which is defined as a deliberately misleading story; a hoax.

Cancellous bone refers to spongy, porous bone that lies under cortical bone.

cancer refers to category of often-fatal medical conditions involving abnormal cell growth and malignancy.