Glossary C

Canalization refers to genetic restriction of phenotype to a small number of developmental outcomes; a highly canalized attribute is one for which genes channel development along predetermined pathways , so the environment has little effect on the phenotype that emerges. Canalization also refers to the tendency of growth rates to return to genetically determined patterns after undergoing environmentally induced change.
Canard is a term which is defined as a deliberately misleading story; a hoax.

Cancellous bone refers to spongy, porous bone that lies under cortical bone.
cancer refers to category of often-fatal medical conditions involving abnormal cell growth and malignancy.

Caning means beating someone with a rigid cane.

Cannabinoids refer to chemicals related to "9-THC", the component of Marijuana that alters experience. It refers to the more than 60 chemical compounds present in cannabis . One of which is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol that is better known as 9-THC.
Cannabis refers to leaves, buds, flowers and resin from the cannabis plant, Cannabis sativa, a native of central Asia.

Cannabis sativa refers to the Indian hemp plant popularly known as marijuana which resin, flowering tops, leaves, and stem contain the plant’s psychoactive substances