Glossary C

Capsaicin refers to a chemical that causes neurons containing substance P to release it suddenly and also directly stimulates pain receptors sensitive to moderate heat

Carbon footprint refers to the volume of greenhouse gases individual consumption adds to the atmosphere.
Carcinogen refers to a substance that induces cancer. Carcinogen is found in cigarettes.

Carcinogens refer to cancer-causing substances.

Carcinoid is a term commonly associated with neuroendocrine tumors that develop in various parts of the body. These tumors are characterized by their slow growth and unique hormone-secreting properties. While carcinoids primarily fall under the domain of medical science, they can have psychological implications for individuals diagnosed with this condition. In this article, we will delve into the world of carcinoid tumors, exploring their psychology context, potential psychological risks, and ways to cope with the emotional challenges they pose.

Carcinoma is the cancer of the epithelial tissues. Moreover, Carcinomas refer to type of cancers that start in the surface layers of the body or epithelial cells. This form of cancer accounts for the bulk of cancer cases and is seen in the most common sites.

Cardiac accelerator nerves part of the sympathetic nervous system that stimulates the SA node to increase heart rate.