Glossary D

Dark adaptation curve refers to the function that traces the time course of the increase in visual sensitivity that occurs during dark adaptation .

Dark adapted sensitivity is defined as the sensitivity of the eye after it has completely adapted to the dark.

Dasein refers to Heidegger's term for "being-in-the-world". The world does not exist without humans, and humans do not exist without the world.

Daseinanalysis is Binswanger's method of Psychotherapy that requires that the therapist understand the client's worldview . Daseinanalysis examines a person's mode of "being-in-the-world".

Data is defined as collected facts, observations, and other pertinent information from which conclusions can be drawn.

Data confidentiality refers to an ethical requirement of social scientific research which stipulates that research data not be shared outside of the research environment.

Data encryption refers to the process by which information is encoded, making it unreadable to all but its intended recipients.

Data-based processing refers to processing in which a person constructs a perception by analyzing the information falling on the receptors . Data-based processing is also called Bottom-up processing

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