Glossary D

Dangerousness to self refers to a legal criterion for involuntary commitment that is met when a person is imminently suicidal or a danger to him/herself as judged by a mental-health professional

Dark adaptation ia defined as Increased retinal sensitivity to light. It is the visual adaptation that occurs in the dark, during which the sensitivity to light increases. This increase in sensitivity is associated with regeneration of the rod and cone visual pigments.

Dark adaptation curve refers to the function that traces the time course of the increase in visual sensitivity that occurs during dark adaptation.

Dark adapted sensitivity is defined as the sensitivity of the eye after it has completely adapted to the dark.

Darwinism is a term that originates from the work of Charles Darwin, the renowned naturalist who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection. In psychology, Darwinism refers to the application of evolutionary principles to the understanding of human behavior and cognition. This article explores the concept of Darwinism in psychology, including its historical context, key principles, application areas, and potential risks. Recommendations for incorporating evolutionary psychology into research and practice will also be discussed.

Dasein refers to Heidegger's term for "being-in-the-world". The world does not exist without humans, and humans do not exist without the world.

Daseinanalysis is Binswanger's method of Psychotherapy that requires that the therapist understand the client's worldview. Daseinanalysis examines a person's mode of "being-in-the-world".

Deutsch: Daten / Español: Datos / Português: Dados / Français: Données / Italiano: Dati /

Data is defined as collected facts, observations, and other pertinent information from which conclusions can be drawn.