Glossary D

Day care refers to the care given to children by persons other than parents during the parts of the day that parents are absent.

Day treatment centers are centers where people with mental-health problems can obtain treatment all day (during the day), including occupational and rehabilitative therapies, but live at home at night

Day treatment program refers to a structured program in a community treatment facility that provides activities similar to those provided in a psychiatric hospital.

DBI is the abbreviations of Diazepam-binding inhibitor, a brain protein that blocks the behavioral effects of Diazepam and other Benzodiazepines.
DD is the abbreviations of Dysthymic disorder, a form of depressive disorder characterized by at least 1 year (2 years in adults) of Depressed mood for more days than not, accompanie

DDH is the abbreviations of Ddevelopmental dysplasia of the hip which is a condition of the hip joint that is congenital in nature. (see Developmental dysplasia of the hip)

De-escalation means toning down the intensity of the conflict or dispute so that a solution becomes more likely.

De-reflection refers to a technique described by Frankl in which the client is instructed to ignore a troublesome behavior or symptom in order to divert his or her attention to more constructive thoughts or activities.