Glossary D

Database is defined as a computerized cross-referencing tool that focuses on an individual topic area, such as Psychology, Sociolohy, etc. which is used for searching the literature for articles relevant to a topic.
Date (Acquaintance) rape when someone is forced to have sexual intercourse with someone she or he knows

Date rape refers to unlawful forced sexual intercourse with a female against her will which occurs within the context of a dating

Daubert standard refers to a test of scientific acceptability applicable to the gathering of evidence in criminal cases.

Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceutical Inc refers to a Supreme Court decision stating that federal courts should generally allow admission of all relevant evidence

- David Ferrier (1843-1928) : David Ferrier created a more detailed map of the motor cortex than Fritsch and Hitzig had. Ferrier also mapped cortical areas corresponding to the cutaneous senses , audition, olfaction, and vision.

- David Hume (1711-1776) : David Hume agreed with Berkeley that humans could experience only their own subjective reality but disagreed with Berkeley's contention that humans could assume that their perceptions accurately reflect the physical world because God would not deceive us. For Hume, we can be sure of nothing. Even the notion of cause and effect, which is so important to Newtonian physics, is nothing more than a habit of thought. Hume distinguished between impressions , which are vivid, and ideas, which are faint copies of impressions.