Glossary D

Data confidentiality refers to an ethical requirement of social scientific research which stipulates that research data not be shared outside of the research environment.

Data encryption refers to the process by which information is encoded, making it unreadable to all but its intended recipients.

Data-based processing refers to processing in which a person constructs a perception by analyzing the information falling on the receptors. Data-based processing is also called Bottom-up processing

Data-driven processes please see Bottom-up processes.

Database is defined as a computerized cross-referencing tool that focuses on an individual topic area, such as Psychology, Sociolohy, etc. which is used for searching the literature for articles relevant to a topic.
Date (Acquaintance) rape when someone is forced to have sexual intercourse with someone she or he knows

Date rape refers to unlawful forced sexual intercourse with a female against her will which occurs within the context of a dating