Glossary D

Death seekers are individuals who clearly and explicitly seek to end their lives.

Death system refers to the formal or informal structure that every society employs to mediate between death and its members which is composed of specific elements designed to perform particular functions . Death system is also defined as the collection of rituals and procedures used by a culture to handle death.

Death-qualified jury is defined as a subjective feeling of being overstimulated by a loss of privacy or by the nearness of others, especially when social contact with them is unavoidable.

Death-related language refers to speech that employs language about death to describe or intensify talk about subjects that have nothing to do with death

Death-related practices refer to familiar routines, procedures, and actions that follow from or are related to death-related encounters and actions
Debiasing means reducing errors and biases by getting people to use controlled processing rather than automatic processing

Debilitation refers to a Suicide loss grief process where efforts to make sense of the loss breakdown. Hopes of healing wither. Pain worsens with holidays, birthdays, and the anniversary of

Debriefing refers to a procedure conducted at the end of an experiment in which the researcher provides human participants with as much information about the study as possible, making sure no participant leaves feeling confused, upset, or embarrassed.

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