Glossary D

Dead-enders are employees who receive much grapevine information but who seldom pass it on to others.

Deafferent means to remove or disable the sensory nerves from a body part; to remove the sensory nerves from a body part

Deafness refers to a partial or complete hearing loss . Levels of impairment vary from a mild but important loss of sensitivity to a total loss of hearing. Many sensorineural hearing losses result from a genetic predisposition.

Death anxiety is defined as fear and apprehension about one's own death; personal fear and worry about death ; concerns or worries related in some way to death

Death attitude is defined as a more or less settled way of being in the world, presenting oneself to the world, behaving, or acting that reflects some belief , opinion, or feeling related to death

Death certificate is defined as a legal document recording time and cause of death, along with other significant information

Death darers are individuals who are ambivalent about dying and take actions that increase their chances of death, but that do not guarantee they will die
Death education is teaching and learning about death-related subjects, such as dying and bereavement .