Glossary D

De-reflection refers to a technique described by Frankl in which the client is instructed to ignore a troublesome behavior or symptom in order to divert his or her attention to more constructive thoughts or activities.

Dead-enders are employees who receive much grapevine information but who seldom pass it on to others.

Deafferent means to remove or disable the sensory nerves from a body part; to remove the sensory nerves from a body part

Deafness refers to a partial or complete hearing loss . Levels of impairment vary from a mild but important loss of sensitivity to a total loss of hearing. Many sensorineural hearing losses result from a genetic predisposition.

A Deal breaker is a behavior or condition that one partner is unable or unwilling to tolerate in a relationship.

Deutsch: Tod

The concept of "death" refers to the end of life or the cessation of biological functions. The experience of death and the process of grieving can have a significant impact on an individual's mental health and well-being.

Death anxiety is defined as fear and apprehension about one's own death; personal fear and worry about death ; concerns or worries related in some way to death

Death attitude is defined as a more or less settled way of being in the world, presenting oneself to the world, behaving, or acting that reflects some belief , opinion, or feeling related to death

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