Glossary F

Free-floating Anxiety refers to Anxiety not associated with a particular object, event, or situation.

Free-gift technique refers to a strategy to increase compliance , based on the fact that giving someone a small gift increases the likelihood of agreement with a subsequent request

Free-runing refers to a condition in which a subject is cut off from zeitgebers, allowing it to adjust to an individualized cycle. Please see Zeitgebers.
Free-running rhythm refers to circadian or circannual rhythm that is not being periodically reset by light or other cues.

Freebase it is when a substance is separated or "freed" from its salt base . This is the separated form of the substance.

Freedom of Information Act refers to an act recognizing the public's "right to know" information. This law assures the right of individuals to access their federal records. Most states have similar laws that assure access to state records.
Freedom to withdraw refers to experimenters' ethical obligation to allow their subjects to discontinue participation in the research project

French Method of Detective Work is defined as clandestine methods against political and criminal suspects by using informers

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