Glossary F

Free love movement is defined as a movement of the early 19th century that preached love should be the factor that determines whether one should have sex. Free love movement is not to be confused with the free love movement of the 1960s.

Free morphemes is defined as morphemes that can stand alone as a word, such as "dog," "chase," or "happy"; unit of meaning that can stand alone as a word. Please see also Bound morpheme.
Free radicals is defined as chemicals produced randomly during normal cell metabolism and that bond easily to other substances inside cells; deleterious and short-lived chemicals that cause changes in cells that are thought to result in aging.

Free recall is defined as a recollection that is not prompted by specific cues or prompts. In memory research, a task in which a participant recalls information without specific cues or prompts. Free recall refers to the test in which subjects retrieve "to be remembered" items without the aid of external retrieval cues; they can recall in any order so recall is free in that sense

Free recall learning refers to the learning and recalling of a list of items.

Free riders refer to the people who benefit from the group but give little in return.

Free riding when an individual contributes less to a collective task when he or she believes that other group members will compensate for his or her lack of effort.

Free will for Beccaria and the classical school, even though people are hedonistic, they also possess reason, and can therefore calculate the course of action that is really in their self -interest.