Glossary H

Henry Murray taught at Harvard University for over 30 years and like his psychoanalytic predecessors, Freud and Jung, he believed that personality could be better understood by investigating the unconscious mind. He is most famous for the development of the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT ), a widely used projective measure of personality.

Henry Fielding is the 18th century novelist who laid the foundation for the first modern police force

Henry Hecaen refers to the French Neuropsychologist who was born 1912 who made important contributions to brain-behavior relations in health and disease, especially the role of the ri

- Henry Herbert Goddard (1866-1957) : Henry Herbert Goddard translated Binet's Intelligence test into English and used it to test and classify students with mental retardation. Goddard was an extreme nativist who recommended that those with mental deficiencies be sterilized or institutionalized. The number of immigrants allowed into the United States was greatly reduced, as a result of Goddard's efforts.
Hepatic encephalopathy refers to an altered mental state secondary to liver failure.

- Heraclitus (ca. 540 to 480 B.C.) : Heraclitus refers to the sixth century B.C. Greek philosopher who referred to the mind as an enormous space whose Boundaries could never be reached.

Heraclitus also suggested fire as the

Herbivores is defined as animals that eat plants

Heredity is defined as the transmission of traits and characteristics from parent to child by means of genes ; the transmission of physical and psychological characteristics from parents to off spring through genes.

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