Glossary H

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle refers to the contention that even though Determinism is true, attempting to measure the causes of something influences those causes, making it impo

Helen Flanders Dunbar established the first formal gathering of individuals interested in studying the influences of the mind on health together with Franz Alexander .
Heliocentric theory refers to the theory proposed by Copernicus, that the planets, including the earth, rotate around the sun.

Hellkite is defined as an extremely cruel person.

Deutsch: Hilfe

In the context of psychology, the concept of "help" refers to any type of support or assistance that is provided to someone in order to address a problem or need they are experiencing.

Helping is defined as a pro-social behavior intended to alleviate another person's distress. It is a behavior that is intended to help another person.

Helplessness refers to an inability to assist or take care of oneself.

Hematoma is defined as the massive accumulation of blood within the cranium.