Glossary H

Heliocentric theory refers to the theory proposed by Copernicus, that the planets, including the earth, rotate around the sun.

Hellkite is defined as an extremely cruel person.

Helping is defined as a pro-social behavior intended to alleviate another person's distress. It is a behavior that is intended to help another person

Helplessness refers to an inability to assist or take care of oneself

Hematoma is defined as the massive accumulation of blood within the cranium.

Hemianopia which is also called Homonymous Hemianopsia half-blindness is defined as partial blindness on the same side, or visual field, of each eye. The partial blindness is not related to a malfunction of the eye, but to the brain connection to the occipital lobes. This problem is also attributed to unilateral damage to the right or left occipital lobes.
Hemiplegia refers to the loss of voluntary movement to one side of the body, often as a result of stroke . Hemiplegia is also defined as a paralysis of one side of the body which may be a presenting condition in Conversion disorder.

Hemispatial neglect refers to a failure to attend to either the right or left visual field. Hemispatial neglect is usually associated with right, posterior brain damage.

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