Glossary H

Healthy People 2010 refers to the science-based, 10-year national program designed to promote health and prevent disease.

Hearing refers to the experience of perceiving sound.

Heaven and hell refer to places of reward or punishment, respectively, after death according to some Western religions

Hebb - Cell assembly refers to a system of interrelated neurons that reflects recurring environmental events. According to Hebb, when stimulated, cell assemblies cause ideas of those events.

Hebb's rule refers to Hebb's contention that neurons within the brain that are simultaneously or successively active become associated. One type of neural network applies this rule by

Hebbian synapse refers to a Synapse that increases in effectiveness because of simultaneous activity in the presynaptic Axon and the postsynaptic neuron.

Hebephrenia refers to a silly and immature emotionality, a characteristic of some types of schizophrenia.

Hebetudinous a term which means dull or lethargic, especially relating to the mind. Hebetudinous is from Late Latin word hebetudo which means dullness and from Latin word hebes which means dull