Glossary H

- Heraclitus (ca. 540 to 480 B.C.) : Heraclitus refers to the sixth century B.C. Greek philosopher who referred to the mind as an enormous space whose Boundaries could never be reached.

Heraclitus also suggested fire as the

Herbivores is defined as animals that eat plants

Heredity is defined as the transmission of traits and characteristics from parent to child by means of genes ; the transmission of physical and psychological characteristics from parents to off spring through genes.

Heretic refers to a person who holds unorthodox or unconventional beliefs . Heretic also means not conforming to established beliefs.

Heritability refers to a mathematical estimate that indicates how much of a trait’s variation in a population can be attributed to genetic factors .

Heritability coefficient refers to a measure that is derived from a correlation coefficient of the extent to which a trait or characteristic is inherited. It is also the a numerical estimate, ranging from .00 to 1.00, of the amount of variation in an attribute that is due to hereditary factors

Heritability ratio refers to an estimate of the proportion of trait variability in a population that is determined by variations in genetic inheritance.

Herky-Jerky is a term which means spasmodic, irregular, and unpredictable, as in movement or manner.