Glossary H

Health locus of control refers to the perception that one's health is under personal control; is controlled by powerful others, such as physicians; or is determined by external factors , including chance.
- Health maintenance organization (HMO) : Health maintenance organization (HMO) is defined as an organizational arrangement for receiving health care services, by which an individual pays a standard monthly rate and then uses services as needed at no additional or at greatly reduced cost.

Health promotion refers to a general philosophy that maintains that health is a personal and collective achievement; the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health. Health promotion may occur through individual efforts, through interaction with the medical system , and through a concerted health policy effort.

So Health promotion describes also an approach to the prevention of disease which involves education, public policy, and similar actions to promote health.

- Health psychologists : Health psychologists refer to type/kinf of psychologists whose Research or practical work focuses on the Prevention of illness , the promotion and Maintenance of good health, or the tr

Health psychology refers to a subfield of behavioral medicine that studies psychological factors important in health promotion and maintenance.

Healthy behaviors refer to any specific behaviors that maintain and enhance health

Healthy People 2010 refers to the science-based, 10-year national program designed to promote health and prevent disease.

Hearing refers to the experience of perceiving sound.

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