Glossary H

Hemisphere refers to half of the brain, the right or left.

Hemispherectomy is a surgical treatment for epilepsy in which one of the two cerebral hemispheres , which together make up the majority of the brain, is removed.
Hemispheres refers to the (2) two approximately equal halves of the neo-cortex; the right and left halves of the cortex

Hemispheric asymmetry refers to the differentiation in morphology and physiology of the brain between the right and left hemispheres.
Hemoglobin refers to a heme- which contains protein in red blood cells that is responsible for transporting oxygen to tissues. Hemoglobin also serves as a weak buffer within red blood cells.

Hemophilia refers to a genetic disorder in which blood does not clot properly.

Hemorrhage refers to the rupture of an artery. Likewise, Hemorrhage is a type of stroke related to a significant bleeding in the brain. Hemorrhages are the most severe form of stroke

Hemosiderin refers to an insoluble form of iron stored in tissues.

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