Glossary H

- Hughlings Jackson (1835–1911) : Hughlings Jackson refers to British neurologist who wrote on the integration of the localization and equipotentiality models of brain function . Hughlings Jackson suggested that behavior resulted from interactions among all areas of the brain, but that each area in the nervous system had a specific function that contributed to the overall system.
- Hugo Münsterberg (1863 to 1916) : Hugo Münsterberg refers to a scientist who stressed the application of psychological principles in such areas as clinical, forensic , and industrial psychology . In so doing, Münsterberg created Applied psychology .

Human ability refer to behaviors that reflect either what a person has learned or the person's capacity to emit a specific behavior that includes achievement, aptitude , and intelligence

Human bonding refers to the process or formation of a close personal relationship, especially through frequent or constant association; examples include bonds between mother and child, or within social networks; when pairs have favorable bonds, the nature of this bonding is usually attributed to good interpersonal chemistry.

Human Brain is defined as the most complex organ of human body and the centerpiece of your nervous system . The brain works as a unified whole and Neuroscientists can identify areas within it that perform specific functions . The brain is organized into three (3) interconnected layers: the central core, limbic system , and cerebral cortex , all of which contain structures that regulate everyday life
Human capital is the knowledge and skills that individuals bring to the solution of a problem, the knowledge, skills, and experience of people that make them economically productive. Human capital can be increased by investing in education, health care, and job training .
Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) refers to the hormone that stimulates production of estrogen and progesterone to maintain pregnancy.
Human development refers to the multidisciplinary study of how people change and how they remain the same over time.

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