Glossary H

Human dilemma is a term which according to May refers to the paradox that results from the dual nature of humans as objects to which things happen and as subjects who assign meaning to their experiences.

Human factors refers to the discipline that tries to optimize the relationship between technology and the human. Human factors consider design and engineering in order to better match the capabilities, limitations, and needs of people. Moreover, Human factors is the study of how people interact with machines and other objects in their environment; a field of study concentrating on the interaction between humans and machines.

Human factors engineering refers to an applied area of research that focuses on the design of equipment and technology that are well suited to people’s cognitive capabilities.

- Human factors psychology (Ergonomics) : Human factors psychology (Ergonomics ) refers to a specialty concerned with making machines and work environments compatible with human perceptual and physical capacities.
human genome project refers to ongoing scientific attempt to develop a comprehensive map of all human genes .

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is defined as the virus that is implicated in the development of AIDS .

- Human immunodeficiency virus type 1: human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) refers to the disease that causes AIDS .

- Human laboratory study : Human laboratory study refers to experimental study involving human participants

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