Glossary H

- Humanistic Model : The Humanistic Model states that our problems originate when we are prevented from being our complete selves. It accepts that all people want to achieve self -actualization, and problems ar

Humanistic psychology refers to an approach to the study of human behavior that emphasises human experience, choice and creativity , self -realisation, and positive growth.
Humanistic theories views that people strive to develop their innate potential for goodness and self -actualization; abnormality arises as a result of societal pressures to conform to unchos

Humanistic therapy (person-centered therapy) refers to a type of therapy in which the goal is to help the client discover his or her place in the world and to accomplish Self -Actualization

Humiliation refers to a state of disgrace or loss of self -respect or of respect from others

Humoral immunity refers to fast acting immune response that defends the body against bacterial and viral infections that have not yet invaded the cells; mediated by B lymphocytes.

Humoral-mediated immunity refers to a form of immune reaction that takes place at the level of the tissue and involving immune cells circulating in the blood. Humoral-mediated immunity involves the action of B cells although the first stages are similar to the process for cell-mediated immunity .

Huntingtin refers to protein produced by the gene whose mutation leads to Huntington's disease

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